• The Innovator series of game scanning mobile applications. Startup “Diskan”

    SN: SU05082023555

    Price USD: $1800

    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected according to the norms of the current legislation.
    In continuation of the development of the game scanning application idea “INnovator”, the author of the original idea and platform “INnovator” presents another startup “DYscan”.
    To decipher the name of the application, the author took digital scanning as a basis, or in English – digital scanning. DIscan in Russian or DIscan in English is obtained.
    Given that this startup is part of a series of game scanning applications, their functionality is similar. Game scanning includes mandatory use of a gadget with a camera. The user can download and use the free application “DYscan” to achieve high results.
    So, the user with the help of his gadget during a period of time (day, week, month, hour) in any place at any time of the day, if the gadget camera allows, opens this application and photographs any visualization of numbers and digital values, starting with phone numbers on billboards, house numbers and everything else where numbers are visually visible, except for car numbers. The program will clearly recognize the photographed numbers and digital values, sum them up and form the final rating for a period of time. Accordingly, the more the user “accumulated” numbers and numerical values in total, the more points he will receive. The rating will make it possible to determine the first in the lists of users who will have the title of winners and receive prizes. Yes, there is a slight similarity with the game “Pokemon GO”, but here users take pictures and collect real visualization, and specifically, numbers. Very good for the development of visual memory, even in childhood.
    You can present the amount of employment of users who can be real participants of this application. This application, which sounds like an exaggeration, can really be applied at the level of an educational school in the form of homework, which will include the collection of as many numbers as possible, which ends with a total value.
    The investment component of the development of the game scanning application “DYscan” or its full buyout is being considered.

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