• The Innovator series of game scanning mobile apps. Application of the virtual collection “Innovator”

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    Touching on the topic of plagiarism in this presentation, we can say that there are similar programs. Only the virtual collection application “Innovator” is part of the innovative series of mobile game scanning applications “Innovator”, which solves the issue of plagiarism by itself, because it combines a gaming and cognitive approach to using this startup, which will be described below.
    So, as in the general approach to the functionality of mobile game scanning applications, the same algorithm of actions of future users is also implemented here. Registered users will be given the opportunity to photograph or immediately scan all interesting and interesting specimens for them, from which thematic collections will automatically be made up. The number of thematic collections can be unlimited, since the enthusiasm of one user can be versatile. The functionality of this program will sort the captured and then scanned photos into thematic collections. For each virtual instance of the collection, there will be a general automatic description from the startup itself, in the form of geolocation of the place where the instance of the collection was taken and the time. Next, in manual mode, the user places one or another captured specimen in the appropriate thematic collection. That is, having several interests in the form of a collection direction, the user with this mobile application creates appropriate collections and places scanned photo materials in them. Also, in the process of use, the user may find interest in other collection areas. The start-up of the virtual collection “INnovator” will provide such an opportunity in the form of simple and interesting functionality itself, as well as in the form of tips. The prompts will be both organizational, such as providing a link view for a particular collection topic, as well as providing information about users in the virtual collection system who also have related topic collections.
    What would be easier to understand, let’s explain the program’s operation using an example. The user collects bottle labels. He has a certain collection at home. After scanning home specimens and forming a suitable collection, he has the opportunity to both replenish his virtual collection with a simple mobile scan, and to exchange his virtual specimens with other users who also have the same personal thematic collection. As already mentioned, those for collecting can be unlimited, which allows you to expand the user’s circles of virtual and then real acquaintances.
    The startup will determine the rating of the most active users, which will be shown at the end of the corresponding reporting period. Also, the functionality will prompt its user if the scanned copy is already in the possession of another user in his personal collection. Also, this action will allow establishing new relationships between collectors.
    That is, we have a service that has both cognitive and game content and will be able to create many relevant thematic connections and relationships on a global level.
    The idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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