• The Innovator series of game scanning mobile apps. Startup “Anscan”

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    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected in accordance with the norms of current legislation.
    We are starting to present several innovative startups in the form of mobile applications using the original concept – game scanning. The first startup is called “Anscan”.
    “ANscan”, to make it easy to understand this name, stands for “Car Scanned Number”. In the application, the numbers of motorcycles and special equipment may also be applicable. The title already reveals the main content of the work of this program. Next, we will describe a little functionality.
    The functionality of this program is somewhat similar to the game “Pokemon GO”. So, a registered free member of this program takes photos of license plates using his gadget, which must have a camera. Then several functional actions take place:
    1). The sum of the photographed numbers is summed up at the end of the day, week, month and year, and the totals are tallied. The winners of the future mobile network of this program participate in the ranking and receive the corresponding points for it. The first participants in the rating have the opportunity to choose prizes that will be provided by the game scanning program “ANscan” for their winning places.
    2). A greater coincidence of the same numbers standing next to each other in the license plate is also summed up for the reporting period. The results are also summed up with the corresponding rating and awards.
    3). Users of the program receive tasks in automatic mode, such as searching for car license plates. The temporary location of the license plate is calculated by linking the participant’s location in real time. For example – if today a car license plate in Warsaw was scanned by one participant, it is accordingly in the database, currently in the game scanning application. This number is sent to all participants in Warsaw to scan it and receive points, except for the participant who scanned this number first.
    4). The letters of the car number are also involved in the scanning. At the end of the reporting period, it is necessary to collect as many as possible of the full alphabet of the country from the letters of the car license plate, where the “collection” of data is taking place. It will also have its own rating.
    The “INnovator” platform and the author of the original game scanning idea “ANscan” offers to carefully study this idea and consider the possibility of investment cooperation or a full buyout.

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