• The Innovator series of game scanning mobile apps. Startup “Handscan”

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    The idea is to replace our usual handshakes, kisses during a meeting or hugs with a mobile touch handshake. It is quite an ambitious project, it has many innovative components and contradictions, but everything new and unexplored arouses great interest and explosive popularization. The author of the idea and the “INnovator” platform, referring to copyright legislation, decided to present this startup in this presentation.
    The game handshake scanning mobile application is a program that is activated when you touch the entire width of your palm to the screen of your gadget. The user of this application has his gadget on the palm of a person, which is why it is called “Handscan”, whom he has met and wants to say hello to. A signal sounds, which informs that the procedure has been followed and the greeting task has been implemented. It’s kind of a game-style palm scan. Any palm or fingerprint similarity in this procedure gives a slightly different greeting tone and suggests that a mobile touch handshake was previously implemented with that person. In the form of statistical data, a count of handshakes is kept in each gadget where this application is installed. The handshake scan can be linked to a contact in your gadget, where these statistics will be visible. With such an innovative handshake procedure, general hygiene is maintained and the risk of specific skin diseases is reduced.
    Your gadget, in order for this program to work, will have to be able to scan the palm across the entire plane of its screen and be constantly in active mode.
    In fact, not all functionality is presented here. What can be done to potential investors or potential buyers of this author’s idea.

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