• The Innovator series of game scanning mobile apps. Startup “Inscan”

    SN: SU29072023549

    Price USD: $1900


    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected in accordance with the norms of current legislation.

    And at the end of the presentation of the series of mobile game scanning programs “INnovator”, we present to your attention the main working body of this product – “INScan”.
    Innovative scanning, or “INscan” is a paid mobile application, which for this fee includes simultaneous access and synchronous operation of all the startups that were presented earlier – “DYscan”, “ANscan”, “STRIKHscan” and “PHOTOscan”.

    As a simple example, you can imagine that the user, using the “INscan” program, can scan everything that was written earlier in the “INnovator” game scanning programs. That is, he can “sit” in this application around the clock, without breaking away from other virtual processes. “INSkan” very correctly tells its user the need for the next photo action, which allows you to quickly and accurately score points and become the leader.
    And as sad as it is in today’s world, it is the constant use of gadgets, with the use of various programs, that brings solid dividends to their developers. That’s why a series of mobile applications was presented.

    After finishing the whole series of INNOVATOR game scanning mobile applications, it can be concluded that this cell of mobile gaming entertainment is innovative. Copyright is protected in accordance with current legislation. With the right investment and partnership approach, it is quite possible to bring these startups to the first places in terms of rating approach and profitability.
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