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    As in other presentations, the administration of the “Innovator” platform warns that such names of mobile applications already exist. This presentation is distinguished by completely innovative functionality and the principle of use, which will be described below.
    So, each of us spends some time every day, sorry for the details, in the toilet. And it has already become a habit that we also take mobile gadgets with us to view the necessary information – viewing our personal news on social networks, viewing public news sites, correspondence with managers and many other interactive activities that we can manage during our time in the toilet . Sometimes we don’t have enough time for all these activities that we spend in the toilet.
    The author of the idea of creating a toilet mobile application “Innovator” offers a wide range of functionality to implement solutions to some of the issues described above. The toilet mobile application will give its user the opportunity to quickly view the information that this user is most interested in in the morning or during the day. That is, this is a mobile application, when the user activates it, on its front page it opens a list of interactive materials in the form of the activity of its pages in social networks, personal messages sent to its address, the state of active actions of mobile managers, the latest major news of state or world importance . All these lists of interactive materials are installed by a new user at the beginning of the toilet program. Of course, they can be adjusted during use. An acceptable time limit for viewing certain interactive materials is also set, which will allow the user to control the time spent in the toilet.
    That is, with one click on the mobile application in his gadget, the user will have the opportunity to view all the necessary information that he usually needs while in the toilet within the set time limit. As a separate service, the toilet manager function with the possibility of video broadcasting will be available. Of course, the process of video broadcasting from the toilet is not entirely pleasant, but it will still be available. Every day, the functionality of the toilet mobile application will offer its user a new musical melody, which will be unique for each individual user. This will also, in a way, be a reason for discussion in the toilet manager.
    We have an innovative mobile application that has a narrow focus in its application, but good investment prospects and potential growth in popularity. Functionality of this kind can be applicable in other applications of narrowly focused mobile topics.


    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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