• Touch smart book cover “Innovator”

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    Another smart device that simplifies the reading process for readers of book literature and, strangely and unusually, with its smart capabilities increases the popularity of reading these same books. Touch smart book cover “Innovator” is a completely new device, the analogues of which do not exist, which will be quite interesting for potential investors or buyers of this original idea. The administrators of the “Innovator” platform will try to summarize all the functionality and principle of operation in this presentation, so that the entire essence of the smart cover’s operation is extremely clear and understandable.
    So, the plastic body of the touch smart book cover has a frame structure and can hold a book of any size and weight with the help of special clamps and movable bars. That is, the user inserts the book into the smart cover, adjusts its dimensions with the help of movable bars and fixes it with the help of clips. But this is a mechanical component of a smart book cover.
    The main smart capabilities consist of several functions:
    1). The mobile application of the same name, which can be connected to any gadget, will manage and adjust the entire operation of this smart device;
    2). A retractable miniature bracket that extends from the back of the cover is equipped with a camera and an LED element. The camera captures the open pages being read by the smart cover user of this book. Shooting books being read will serve to remember the page after closing the book. If it’s simpler, it will be a bookmark function. When the book is closed, an image of the last page will be placed on the front side of the smart touch book cover, which is equipped with a touch panel. And the next time the user picks up the book inserted from the smart cover, he sees the image of the last page he read. The LED element will be used to illuminate the pages of the book while reading.
    3). The functionality of the smart cover will adjust the reading process in terms of its correctness – it will monitor the time of the reading process so that it does not exceed the permissible norms. If the permissible norms are exceeded, a special signal will be given. It will divide the reading time in such a way as to optimize and accelerate the reading of the book as much as possible. The mobile application will prompt you to start reading if the smart cover with the book is located remotely.
    4). Reading the book can be accompanied by light melodies if the user likes it. Naturally, the entire list of melodies will be available both in the mobile application and in the touch book smart cover.
    5). It is quite convenient for parents to monitor the process of reading books by their children.
    So, the new smart device carries an innovative method of reading books, which will greatly simplify it, bring novelty and attractiveness among different age groups.
    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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