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    Over time, almost all household items that surround us at home and at work will have smart capabilities and smart functions. In this presentation, the author of the idea provides a project of a new smart device – the sensor smart box “Innovator”. Its functions can be quite diverse and wide, but in the description, the moderation of the “Innovator” platform will provide the main ones and give them the corresponding characteristics.
    So, the ordinary box that we use from time to time acquires smart functions, with the help of which its use by users will increase and become more popular and effective. The dimensions of this smart device can be quite diverse, up to the size of a chest or casket. And taking into account the fact that until now ordinary boxes were used as elements of furniture or decor as practically non-moving accessories, smart boxes will be quite convenient and functional for users to take with them on the road or to other events.
    First of all, as an essential requirement, the smart box will have a mobile application of the same name, which will monitor and adjust all the processes that will take place in this device. At the request of the customer, all sides of the smart box can be equipped with touch panels. That is, the color and light flux can be changed at will. Also, on the touch panel of the smart box, it will be possible to display information of any nature from the connected gadget, for example – air temperature and humidity in the room, make video calls, etc. A video camera, speakers and a microphone will be installed in the standard configuration for making and receiving phone calls and playing the audio stream. Alarm clock functions and partially table lamp functions will be available. The smart box will be connected to the gadget according to standard proven methods. These are the main and standard functions of the future smart device.
    Innovative features will include a number of new and specific features:
    1). The opening of the smart box will be with the help of the user’s fingerprint, which will automatically support the same fingerprint from the user’s gadget, or it will be possible to activate this function on the device itself.
    2). The smart box will be able to move on the surface where it is. The user will set a hand gesture or a voice command, after which the smart box will approach him.
    3). The capacity of the smart box can be viewed both on the gadget and on the touch surface of the smart device itself, because when the user puts or takes something into it, the camera inside will clearly record all these actions, take photos and enter them into virtual list of the mobile application.
    So, we have a completely new type of smart devices that will definitely bring novelty and innovation in the use of smart functions to the everyday life of users. The “Innovator” smart box will be a worthy gift for any type of person, any age group.
    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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