• Touch smart smoking pipe “Innovator”

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    We continue to publish new and innovative wearables. This time, an ordinary smoking pipe was subjected to smart processing. Of course, relatively few people (smokers) use this accessory. But after the introduction of the modified smoking pipe in the direction of smart capabilities, there will be many more fans, which will be written below. By the way, following the corporate style, the moderators will try to reveal the maximum number of all new smart possibilities of this accessory in a short presentation.
    So, first of all, this smart accessory will perform its main function – smoking. There are no changes here.
    The main body of management and control of all smart opportunities will be the mobile application of the same name, the functionality of which will control them. The appearance of the smart tube will not change much, because several devices will be added to it. For example, a video camera will be installed in the upper part of the mouthpiece, which is one of the structural elements of the smoking pipe, which will allow you to take selfies of a new thematic direction. And on the upper plane of the chubuk (this is also an element of the tube) there will be a touch or miniature mechanical button, which has a multifunctional function and with which it will be possible to do the shooting process. The mouthpiece will also have a microphone that will allow you to make phone calls. And at the base of the tobacco chamber there will be miniature speakers that will allow you to hear the sound stream. There will also be a connector for connecting a headset.
    Some structural elements of the smoking smart pipe will be made using LED elements. This function will be an aesthetic design of the colors of this device, the color of which can be changed depending on the need and with the help of the functionality of the mobile application.
    Also, additional features will include the presence of a number of functions that are available in other smart wearable devices, such as an alarm clock or a miniature flashlight. The presence of a magnetic element will allow you to place the device on uneven metal surfaces.
    Charging will be done in a standard way, or with the help of new wireless technology. The connection with the gadget, for appropriate work, will also be carried out in a standard way.
    That is, we have another innovative smart device that has a number of functions that will be used by new users of the INNOVATOR sensor smart smoking pipe, combining its standard functions with new smart capabilities.


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