• Touch smart tie “Innovator”

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    And yes, it is safe to say that the popularity of wearable devices is constantly increasing. And the expansion of their functionality and services provided allows to increase the audience of buyers and users. The author’s idea of the INNOVATOR touch smart tie expands the number of wearable mobile devices and increases their functionality. The INnovator platform recommends this idea to potential investors for consideration, as this invention does not yet have exact analogues in the world.

    So, the sensor smart tie “INNOVATOR” can have an ordinary, standard shape and appearance, compared to ordinary rags. But the functionality will be on par with standard gadgets with average characteristics. First of all, the front plane of the tie will be sensory.

    The sensor plane can be of different sizes and different structures – rigid or flexible. This will serve for the multi-functionality of all actions that will take place during the use of this device. The built-in speaker and microphone will allow you to conduct telephone conversations. The user will be able to dial mobile numbers for outgoing and incoming calls on the touch screen of the smart tie. And all the standard functions that can be performed with a standard combination with a gadget. It is also standard that all these processes will be managed and adjusted by the mobile application of the same name. For the convenience of using the touch plane of the tie, the front part, starting from the knot, can be unfastened.

    From the side, it will be like this – when there is an incoming call, the vibration function of the touch smart tie lets its user know about it. In turn, its user removes the facial sensor plane and continues to use it to perform this action – answering an incoming call or SMS. After the relevant actions are completed, it will also be easy to return the front sensor plane of the smart tie to its place.

    Secondly, the touch panel will give the opportunity to change, both in manual and automatic mode, the color and style of the tie, depending on the outerwear. Naturally, all this can be implemented using the mobile application of your gadget. Considering the fact that the smart tie will have a built-in video camera, it will be possible to display all kinds of information on its sensor plane in automatic mode – starting with the temperature of the environment and ending with ordinary emoticons. Also, the color of the tie can change automatically, depending on the surrounding environment and the degree of illumination, if this function is activated in the mobile application in advance.
    Medical functions such as heart rate and body temperature measurement will be available. If the permissible norms are exceeded, the user will receive a quick notification.
    Standard charging functions will be available as in conventional wearable devices. An innovative wireless charging function will also be available.
    The idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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