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    This author’s presentation will present the idea of creating a mobile application that will give its users the right to choose in the matter of identifying their personal data when using gadgets and PCs, which will be described below.

    So, in the latest models of smartphones and other smart devices, there are identification programs that allow you to lock and unlock them with the help of fingerprints, or with the help of the front camera by scanning the retina of the eye. That is, we have a limited number of options in using this service. There is no choice in this matter, which limits us to a certain number of possibilities. The mobile application, or to be precise, the universal mobile ID “INnovator”, will give a certain and acceptable number of options in the matter of unlocking a gadget or a personal PC. When downloading a program from the operating system, the function will offer a number of options for unlocking both the device itself and an individual program or program, referring to the working capabilities of the gadget. For example, a smartphone has a fingerprint function and a front camera. The user can set the most common option, both fingerprint scanning, and quite unusual and new ways – scanning with the front camera of the ear or nose, or scanning with the main camera the registration number of the car or a tattoo on his body. In fact, the application will provide quite a lot of such functional options, which will allow its users to have the right to choose in this matter. This is no longer a new feature, but voice unlock options will also be present in this universal mobile ID.
    But there will still be some of the most advanced, original and innovative services in this matter:
    1). Remote unlocking with original functionality, which is convenient for the user of mobile applications of the banking segment or in the matter of parental control;
    2). Unlocking with gestures;
    3). Unlocking using certain movements with the gadget itself, holding it in your hands;
    4). Unlocking with the help of hair, when the user puts the screen of the gadget to his hair and the functionality of the program scans the hair and gives the command to unlock or does not give it if the color and structure of the hair do not match.
    5). Unlocking using a certain rhythm of tapping the gadget screen;
    6). And a rather unusual method, when the user needs to unlock the gadget or PC using a certain frequency of inhalations and exhalations in the microphone area.

    So, we have continued development of already existing services of blocking or unlocking gadgets and PCs. This mobile application will provide both conventional methods and quite innovative ones, and even game and entertainment ones. Also, in his description of the idea, the author offers to develop this mobile application in the form of a game, but due to the limited amount of presentation field for the description of the idea, moderation is not able to place all its text. But it is available upon personal contact with the “Innovator” platform in the form of partnership and investment relations or in the form of a full purchase of this author’s idea.

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