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    In continuation of the development of popular topics about wearable innovative devices, the “Innovator” platform presents another device that combines the use of already existing accessories, namely watches, with new technologies of sensor smart devices, the capabilities of which will be described below in the author’s idea of a universal time smart strap “INNOVATOR”.
    So, the universal time smart strap is a flexible touch panel that can be worn on the arm. First of all, the versatility of this smart device consists in the fact that this time smart strap is a sensitive flexible bracelet with holders for watches with straps of any type and shape. That is, a user who has an ordinary mechanical or quartz watch, or maybe even a smart watch, places it on the sensor plane of the smart strap and fastens it with the help of holders. Or even removes the strap from the watch and attaches it, using the same holders, to the smart watch strap. After all these mechanical actions, we have an ordinary watch fixed on a universal smart watch strap. Now it is possible to imagine that the combination of old and classic devices with new and innovative technologies turned out to be the result. Next, the description of the smart features of this device begins.
    The sizes and shapes of the plane of the time smart strap can have completely different shapes and possibilities. Depending on the configuration or the wishes of future users. First of all, he will play an aesthetic side, as he will be able to adjust the color and style to the attached times. As a standard, a mobile application of the same name will function together with this smart device, which will allow its users to control and correct its work. For example, when the user has attached a steel-colored watch with a brown leather strap, it will be possible to change the touch plane of the smart strap to the same color tones. Or at the request of the user, in any other style and color. And, accordingly, the universal time smart bracelet will be equipped with already existing capabilities – sensors for counting the user’s steps and pulse, air temperature and humidity, selecting a module with speakers and a microphone, body temperature and pressure, etc. That is, all the features that already work in similar smart devices. The function of lighting the user’s wrist and hand, on which the smart strap is worn, will be very convenient. It is possible to illuminate places where there is poor constant illumination, for example, in a bag or pocket.
    But the most innovative innovation of this smart device will be a game touch handshake. That is, when two users shake hands wearing these timed smart straps, a sound signal will be heard. In this opportunity, it will be possible to include the instant pairing of two such smart straps with the function of exchanging previously programmed information. Naturally, all the features described above will be collected and configured in the mobile application of the universal smart wristband INNOVATOR.
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