• Virtual karaoke duet “INNOVATOR”

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    A fairly narrowly focused entertainment niche on the theme of karaoke has its development. The presented author’s idea of a virtual karaoke duet “INnovator” is a realistic visualization of a duet of a user of this startup with an original performer of one or another song. The full functionality of this mobile application will be presented below.
    So, the idea of this startup has already been announced. Now, expanding all the possibilities of this presentation, we will divide it into several parts.
    Part #1: the future user of this startup will be able to sing a certain song with a real performer of the selected song in a virtual environment close to the real one. That is, the user selects a song and a performer, the functional system takes a photo of the user himself and projects his image into a virtual environment with a real performer of the song. Also, the system separates the words of the song for singing it in a duet. When a song duet begins, the words of the song that the user must sing are shown on the screen in one color, and the words of the real performer in another. Visualization of the process of the duet can also take place in the environment previously selected by the user – whether it is on the stage of any concert hall, or whether it is in a clip. At the end of the duet, as in regular karaoke, points will be displayed. Also, in additional services, after the end of this musical act, a file with a video clip of this same duet will be provided.
    Part #2: this entire process of musical karaoke duet will be functionally tied to the mobile application of the same name. And all new musical duets with recordings from around the world will be kept in his memory. Anyone can register and get access to open musical duets. Also, a previously registered user who starts his song duet activates his account at the beginning of this process. And all his musical karaoke duets, for the period of one such time interval, will be in his personal cabinet of the mobile position of the karaoke duet “INNOVATOR”. Next, karaoke duets are evaluated by the system of this mobile application, which will allow you to participate in the rating within the application itself.
    Part #3: the system will evaluate your past karaoke duets. On the basis of this, it will form offers to its users for new sessions of karaoke duets. If the user accepts this offer, then the time of the event, which can be carried out at home using an ordinary gadget, is separately agreed upon.
    That is, we have an innovative mobile application that will expand the subject of karaoke entertainment and expand the circle of users. Moreover, now it is possible to use this application both at home and in karaoke clubs. The rating will expand the song prospects of the users of this startup, and in the future, turn it into a whole show with the participation of real performers, with whom it is possible to become real rating winners of this mobile application.
    The presented author’s idea is open both for investment and for its full purchase.


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