• Why is it important to record your idea in a timely manner?

    Почему важно вовремя зафиксировать свою идею?

    It is important to record your idea in time for several reasons:

    Ideas can be forgotten: Often we come up with something interesting, but forget about it when we are distracted by other things. If we do not record the idea, it may slip from our memory and we will lose the opportunity to implement it in the future.

    Ideas can be lost: If you don’t capture your idea, it can be lost if the device is damaged or the recording is lost. Also, if you don’t save your idea in a safe place, you can lose it due to theft, hacker attacks, and so on.

    Ideas can be stolen: If you don’t register your idea, there is a chance that someone else can pick it up and implement it for profit and popularity.

    A recorded idea can help in its development: If you have a record of your idea, you can return to it in the future and develop it, which can lead to new ways of implementing and improving the idea itself.

    Therefore, capturing your idea in time is important in order to preserve it, prevent it from being lost or stolen, and use it in the future.

    Currently, we issue a certificate for each idea that we record on our website.