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    It is a constituent element of the unique “Innovator” business model.

    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected in accordance with the norms of current legislation.
    The owner of the unique business model “INnovator” is the platform itself – the innovative network of investments and ideas “INnovator”. And that’s why it was decided to publish one of the main components of the business model – the global exchange of ideas “INnovator”. The main significance of the work of the entire business model, and the global exchange of ideas in particular, is the clear and accessible organization of the market of ideas, which currently does not have its own thematic organizational structure and rules of operation. Below, the moderators and organizers of the “Innovator” platform will try to present this author’s idea, which has partially begun its work, in an accessible way.
    Today, there is an opinion that an idea is the most expensive commodity. An idea can be extremely necessary and important, but in the hands of non-professionals, it will remain unimplemented or completely forgotten. There are a number of types of thematic projects that promote ideas, respectively, earn from it. For example, crowdfunding. The principle of operation of the worldwide exchange of ideas is another, somewhat similar to the “INnovator” platform, which complement each other, since all are elements of the unique “INnovator” business model.
    An idea, with the help of the worldwide exchange of ideas, becomes a full-fledged commodity, with its own documents, trademarks and the right to own it. At the exit from the exchange of ideas, the idea acquires a full commercial form, as it will undergo full certification, licensing and receive its barcode. Naturally, after complying with all such internal work, the owner of the idea has in his hands documents on the ownership of the idea, which protects him from copying and plagiarism within the framework of current legislation. Next, the worldwide exchange of ideas begins its standard professional work of selling an idea. That is, as already mentioned earlier, the idea acquires a commercial form and can compete in its marketing and trade prospects with currency, material and other types of intellectual goods. At the same time, the following standard processes take place at the global exchange of ideas:
    providing a place for trade (meeting place for buyers and sellers);
    organization of stock trading;
    establishment of trade rules, in particular standards for goods sold through the exchange;
    development of standard contracts;
    settlement (arbitration) of disputes;
    information activity;
    provision of certain guarantees of fulfillment of obligations by bidders.
    The services of placing the product as an idea, and the corresponding work on its pre-sale preparation, are free of charge. That is, anyone who wants to can place an application for exchange services of his idea and wait for the result of the work in the form of its sale. The idea exchange moderates the idea and begins to deal with all the functions described above. The worldwide exchange of ideas has its earnings from the sale of a commodity unit – ideas in the form of a percentage!
    So, the world exchange of ideas “INnovator” is a unique and innovative legal entity, which is an integral part of the unique business model of “INnovator”, the function of which is the transformation of an idea into a product and the subsequent standard trading process for it.
    The idea is open for investment or partial purchase.

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