• BabyIN series. Mobile application “BabyIN”

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    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected in accordance with the norms of current legislation.

    The BabyIN mobile application will be available for free download and use. The manufacturer of the previously described smart devices, namely the innovative baby bed, the smart diaper with sound effect and the smart pacifier, will provide an access code, after the purchase of these products, to this program to register and use it.

    As previously described in the presentations of the author’s ideas for smart products from the “BabyIN” series, all control and management of these smart products rests on the mobile application of the same name. And therefore, the entire functionality will be divided into the control and management of each smart product separately, but the final result of this control and management will be quite simply summed up in one front page in this mobile application, which simplifies work with it. Moreover, the presented smart products from the “BabyIN” series are not the latest. Next, it will be very easy to add new smart devices to this application according to the same principle.
    The mobile situation helps registered users, that is, young dads and moms, to keep track of the use of diapers, milk formulas and everything that parents use during the use of smart products and other related products. One of the important features is the direct contact and direct communication through this program with the family pediatrician. The application analyzes the received information and sends it to the doctor. Then the doctor himself, having this information, analyzes it and, if necessary, gives advice and consultations to the child’s parents. You understand that communication in this case with the use of this program increases many times!

    Also, in the “BabyIN” mobile application, the function of getting to know young parents will be available in a publicly accessible form on the front page to discuss and receive advice on the growth and development of their children. As standard, there will be a chat and news block on children’s topics.

    This author’s idea is open as an investment, as well as its full redemption.

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