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    In this presentation, the author suggests combining spray technology with chewing gum. This combination will allow you to change the very procedure of using chewing gum and add novelty and innovation to it, no matter how strange it sounds… All the innovations in the use of this innovative product will be described below, which will increase its popularization.


    So, first of all, let’s describe the innovative product itself – chewing gum-spray “INNOVATOR”. It is an aerosol can containing a foamy composition, the structure of which is the ingredients used to make chewing gum. The dimensions of the can, of course, can be of different shapes and different volumes. That is, now consumers of this innovative product make it easier for themselves to use it, because there will be an aerosol can in their bag or pocket, which is convenient to use and comfortable to use. The consumer simply needs to bring the nozzle of the aerosol can to the mouth, press it and let a certain amount of chewing gum spray come out. The hygiene of using this product also increases.
    Another innovation in the use of chewing gum-spray “Innovator” – individual dosage of this product. That is, now consumers will be able to determine the amount of chewing product they need. This means that there is now no limit to the amount of chewable product that a consumer can put in their mouth. He brought it to his mouth and released the desired amount of chewing gum-singing “Innovator”.
    All kinds of spray gum flavors and colors will also be available. Here, the innovation will be in the density of the product released from the can – both liquid mixtures and more viscous ones will be available.
    In this short presentation, the moderation of the “Innovator” platform showed and revealed the main meaning of the innovative product – chewing gum-spray. Since ordinary chewing gum is an extremely popular product, this product will quickly gain popularity and take a worthy place in the line of chewing gums offered.


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