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    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected according to the norms of the current legislation.
    Absolutely original author’s idea! The functionality of this startup will be aimed at encrypting text messages in a humorous way, but in turn, it will fully meet the criteria and features of security in use. The name in the form of open encryption is a new concept in the use of messengers, the basis of which is completely open use of the application’s functionality, but it will be practically impossible for outside users to understand the results of such individual use. Now the meaning of work and use is not quite clear, but the moderation of the “INnovator” platform will try to explain everything in more detail below.
    So, the “INnovator” open encryption messenger will only be available for text messages at the moment, since this innovative technology will only be able to encrypt text. But in the future, of course, encryption of messages of different formats will be available.
    In fact, everything is quite simple. The user, in the field for writing a message, enters the text in a standard and usual way – by typing letters. At the end of typing and checking the correctness of writing the semantic and orthographic direction of the text, the user turns on encryption. After activating the encryption of the text, there may be several options for visual perception – either the first letters of all previously typed words remain, or the first and last letters, or the words are halved, or the words can be swapped, or all the letters are transformed into numbers. There are actually quite a few options for what the originally typed text can turn into after encryption. The user will be able to return the text back using the same button in the messenger itself. And the subscriber to whom this encrypted message is sent will either be able to guess the text of the message, or the messenger will automatically return the text to its original form. To return the text to its original form, you will need to confirm the subscriber’s personalization, which will also have several options. It will also be possible to set the possibility of instant encryption in the settings of the messenger, that is, the user types text, and the encryption proceeds automatically with a set delay line, for example, 5 seconds.
    As already mentioned, one of the semantic components of this open encryption procedure is a joke, when users encrypt the text and try to guess it after encryption. But there is also an element of safety in using the messenger, when without you or the second subscriber to whom the message was sent, it will be impossible to read the original and initial version of the text. The user defines encryption options using personal settings. This service of open encryption can be applied both in a separate startup of the described messenger, and as an additional service in already existing messengers. Other formats of existing messages will have the option, the open encryption messenger “INnovator”, will also support encryption, but it will be gradual, as users will have to get used to the initial procedure of open encryption.
    Summarizing the results, we can say that we have a new kind of use of messengers, combining a humorous direction of use with a safe one.
    This idea is open both for investment and for its full purchase.

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