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    Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author and are protected in accordance with the norms of current legislation.
    In continuation of the development of the author’s idea to launch into production a whole series of innovative products that are a spray direction, the moderation of the “INnovator” platform presents a new spray product – “INnovator” spray tea. This is a completely new approach to preparing and drinking tea, which will be described in detail below.
    Well, that’s all, for sure, we love tea – we also love the very process of its preparation and consumption. There are whole tea traditions that have existed for centuries in different countries of the world. It is difficult to do without tea in a warm friendly and family, business and leisure environment. It warms and invigorates, often has healing properties. Of course, each of us understands the very process of making tea and, of course, its proper use.
    With INNOVATOR spray tea, the situation is completely different, both in preparation and in its consumption. A natural tea consistency is placed in an aerosol can using a standard technological method (the recipe for its preparation is available from the author of this idea!). The composition of the tea consistency includes all existing aromas and types of tea, it can be with or without added sugar, with or without milk, and of varying degrees of strength. The tea composition that comes out of the aerosol can has a foamy appearance.
    Using spray tea also has a completely innovative method. In a cup or container for drinking hot drinks, the user places a foamy tea consistency of the appropriate composition in the usual way, as when using spray cans. And then this tea product is simply poured with boiling water. In the future, users will have ordinary hot tea, which is prepared in a new way, but has its tasty and invigorating counterpart.
    Preparation of such tea will be quite convenient both at home and on vacations. The aerosol can does not require any aesthetic care, except for rough mechanical effects. The foamy tea composition will instantly dissolve both in hot water and in milk. It is also possible to use spray tea without adding different liquids, which expands its scope of application.
    So, we have the continuation of the development of the subject of spray products, which expands their investment attractiveness and increases the number of potential users of this line of innovative products of everyday demand.
    This idea is open to both investment and full redemption.

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