• Mobile application of emotional display and combination of SMS with calls “INNOVATOR”

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    A rather innovative idea of showing one’s mood using a combination of SMS and calls of various types of communication. Below in the description, we will try to reveal this, in our opinion, global meaning of the new Internet trend.
    Very often we cannot reach the subscriber when the need for the call is not completely clear to the same subscriber. In our time, time itself plays the main role in the processes of vital activity and life support. Sometimes the intensity of our actions simply goes overboard. And some small temporary failure entails failure of the entire process that is taking place.

    In order to understand from a distance our intensity, the speed of decision-making and the significance of our actions, the idea was developed to increase the perception of our emotions, even at the level of a telephone or Internet conversation. That is, when the significance of our telephone or Internet call is very important or it is necessary to show the called subscriber our (bad or good) mood, an interactive red-green contact field appears on the screen of our gadgets under the call button, which can be used when beginning of the subscriber’s call. Once again – it can be used only if desired or necessary. It is mandatory to use it.

    It is used as follows – when the subscriber wants to show the importance of his call, he can leave the lower contact field unchanged, i.e. it will be green. When the importance of the call, sorry, goes overboard, it moves the slider in the interactive contact field from the green side of this field to the red one. The subscriber who receives the incoming call sees on the screen of his gadget or PC (Skype, etc.) the incoming call of the appropriate color (red or green) and evaluates the significance of the call. In the same way, you can also convey your mood to the called subscriber. All kinds of interactive icons, shapes, gestures and smiles will also be able to be transferred to the called subscriber, which will be there, on this interactive contact field, with the help of this service. Why is this start-up mobile application of emotional display and combination of SMS and calls called “Innovator”.
    That is, we have a service that combines SMS and calls into one. That is why it was originally written that this idea carries a global meaning…


    The idea is open to both investment and its complete redemption.

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