• Municipal control system “Innovator”. Automatic pedestrian crossing “Innovator”

    SN: SU01112023630

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    The idea is that the pedestrian crossing is made in the form of an automatic moving track, which is used in transitions between terminals in airports. That is, when the green light of the traffic light for pedestrians flashes, accordingly, the automatic pedestrian crossing begins its movement with pedestrians. The safety of the crossing of the pedestrian crossing is increased, because with the automatic movement of the crossing itself, vehicles will not be able to safely pass through the crossing itself due to its movement. Accordingly, the convenience of crossing (crossing) by pedestrians of the automatic pedestrian crossing itself is undoubtedly quite high. The crossing is equipped with two crossing lines that move in different directions, since some pedestrians need to cross the street from one end of the street to the other, and others – from the other. Of course, the stability and safety of the structure itself will ensure the frame and elements of the transition itself with a high degree of strength.


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