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 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 The innovative idea is that the shoes may change its size and functionality through a process of blowing air in her special chamber. 

 Some examples already, but in our case increases the functionality and ease of use. The structure of this Shoe has multiple chambers for pumping of the air - chamber to the upper part of the shoe and camera to the soles. Thus, it is possible to increase and reduce the size of the shoe, the softness or the hardness of the soles. Pump for pumping air is built in the shoes or separately. The pumps also have a number of distinctive functional features - they can work from batteries and from the power supply, and also by the mechanical action. It depends on the pricing and marketing policy for this product.
 But the most basic functionality of the inflatable shoe "Innovator" is a special mobile application that configures and monitors all of the foregoing processes in Your gadget. The application has the ability to set parameters of use, this shoe - running, lightweight walking, outdoor sports. Also, not unimportant enough, the program itself evaluates weather conditions (rain, frost, sun) and gives advice on the mode of use of the shoe. Or , by default, configures all by itself. It is very convenient during normal use, it quite comfortably fits the foot. For medical purposes essential it can be for people who suffer from flat feet, or other diseases of the feet and toes of this kind. It can also monitor a mobile app, when You enter the required parameters. It is easy to understand that inflatable shoes "Innovator", with air layer will be warm enough.
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Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 

With this presentation, the author's idea of creating a new wearable smart device in early to conclude that the range of such devices added another position that will combine smart product features iconic and historic use. Smart beads "Innovator" after they are output to the distribution network, will be of interest to a wider circle than is now in ordinary use. This conclusion was made by the author of this idea. It is important to say that the smart beads "Innovator" will be quite difficult to manufacture, as will be revenge of the chip in each item, from which they are the occasion for in-depth study in their further application and implementation of this project.
 So, going through the usual rosary in their hands, the user in the first place, soothes your nervous system, focus, considers the number of read religious prayers. Also for some, it means the use of the organization of the thinking process, some demonstration of their status etc Smart beads will not change their destination, but rather will enhance and increase its scope. 
 First and foremost, at the base of the filament smart beads is fastened a miniature unit which will be equipped with a battery and processor node. It will not change the aesthetic appearance of the beads themselves, which is important for this type of product. That is, you do the smart beads will be able to produce a standard charging process, and processor node will produce control over the functionality of this smart device. Management is already standard, monitored and adjusted the eponymous mobile app.
 The main structural and functional element will be the thread smart beads that will look like structurally as a flexible tape with bumps in the form of beads that is very similar to the standard rosary. Small surface knots-beads will have touch a plane that will give the opportunity to implement their basic functionality. In practice, this will happen - the user produces a standard pair with your gadget or personal computer. After pairing, using the touch surface of the smart beads, it can control all processes in the gadget or PC. For example, the smart beads to use as a normal computer mouse. Or smartphone to remotely use all the function menu. A set of sensors, which may be equipped with smart beads, can remove some diagnostic indications of the user state, starting with body temperature or pulse, as the beads, during their use, will always be in his hand.
 Bude is also available backlight smart rosary, equipment vibration element to control the incoming calls, their water resistance, impact resistance and color selection, size and material from which they can be made.
 In terms of the presentation of the author's ideas on the platform "Innovator", we can't go beyond the number of printed characters in one such presentation. Very often the author's ideas give a much voluminous texts of their presentations, that is, in this case. We have tried to present the main points of this idea. For a more in-depth study, we offer interested persons contact us at the contact information indicated on the cover page of the platform "Innovator".
This idea is available for investing, and for its full redemption.
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Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.

The author of a series of mobile applications games scan added another idea in the framework of this project. With the increasing popularization of this direction, moderation of the platform "Innovator" with pleasure represents the startup. Moreover, the project has no analogues in its functionality and can be used by users around the world, and will be described below.
 So, the principle and the functionality of the mobile apps gaming scanning consists in the combination of scan with the help of photo and video shooting, with a game effect. In the list of already existing startups this topic is, there are about ten different. A new startup will scan the voice and the tone of voice of the user. It is called, is the app voice-recognition "Innovator".
 The main and preferred result of a mobile application will be to define individual voice utterances of the user and its intonation. It will all be determined in the case when the user will install on your gadget the app will give access to their voice speech. The functionality will scan the speech and the intonation of its user and make it into its database. Further, when relevant information will be scanned and entered into the database, then your user application is voice identification will provide a list of other users whose voice and intonation are fully or partially coincides with the voice data. That is, the user in the list will be able to see like a people by their voice or tone, and if you want to talk to them, as when registering new users will provide their contact information. And accordingly, the more registered users in the application, the greater the similarity in voice and tone. And more opportunities to increase the list of friends with this innovative principle. 
Additional features of this app will be the geolocation of users with similar voice characteristics with the possibility of building a roadmap. Also the app will determine by voice users, which are not included in the contact data, but there is in the application database voice recognition "Innovator".
 So here we have another innovative startup, which in its functionality is contained completely new possibilities for both new users and for existing ones. Also this principle may be applicable for mobile and Internet communications. 
This idea is available for investing, and for its full redemption.
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8-03-2023, 06:51


 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation. 

 The author's idea, which was launched with inflatable shoes has its continuation in a new form of consumer goods - inflatable socks and leg warmers "Innovator". Below will be described its new functionality and ease of use.
 Of course, that would evaluate the ease of use of inflatable socks, you need, first and foremost, and most important, to try this innovative product in action. Inflatable socks carry a few useful features. First and foremost, it is very warm and energy saving product. Leg will never be in it to freeze. Also very comfortable to wear inflatable socks to those people who have the disease stop called flat feet. The foot will always feel comfortable. In warm weather you can wear different kind of socks inflatable - this inflatable socks with ventilation holes which allow feet to not sweat. 
 Sufficiently dense and durable material will fill the air chamber of an inflatable sock to the level of good pressure. This will allow to use them in any, even extreme situation. Will also two ways to put and fill the air these socks. The first is that when putting on their socks bouncy the user from immediately fills the air to a state that would be comfortable to use them. The second, more innovative method lies in the fact that the content of air occurs after the user will put on them and shoes on their shoes. Then filling air sock that is already in the Shoe, will occur to those limits when the user is very comfortable to wear them. Not only it will play the role of the problem when sometimes we shoes size. Inflatable sock to adjust the Shoe size to its inflatable state in the range of one or two dimensions.. that is, in the second plan out the adjustment of Shoe size by changing the Shoe itself. As already mentioned, this function takes an inflatable sock.
 The second innovative product is the inflatable leg warmers. They also serve to keep the body heat within its functional use and the appropriate size. But one more innovative method of application they will serve with some sports. Basically it is a football where these inflatable leg warmers will keep numerous blows during the game. This protective their feature will allow players to avoid many injuries during football games.
 Not previously described, but the author of this idea proposes to use this technology for medical purposes. For example, a manufacturer of inflatable corsets for those people who have problems with the spine, inflatable armbands on the joints and muscles in the postoperative period after injury. 
 One, maybe for the first time, the inconvenience will be that you will need to have a standard compressor equipment for pumping air presented to the consumer innovative products. It will be a new niche for production development and marketing promotion, as the data compressor units must be sufficiently compact, quiet and hysterically beautiful. 
 So, now you can pump up air some types of clothing that will increase the comfort and safety of our life.
 The idea is open for investment and complete its foreclosure.
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  Personal non-material and proprietary rights to the invention belong to the author, and are protected according to the norms of the current legislation.
  Innovative platform "Innovator" in this presentation confirms its innovative approach in the solution and presentation of ideas and projects of a global nature. So in this presentation of the next author's idea is a global character, which will be confirmed in the information that will be presented below. It should also be noted that this innovative service - the innovative mobile application "Active face phase", can be applied both separately as a mobile application, so with existing platforms, instant messengers and social networks.
  So, there are already a lot of services that are working on changes or transformations of new and existing photo and video materials. This innovative service has the same direction, only it is aimed at real tracking and smart conversion of existing photo and video materials. For the basis of all real transformations, the person's face was taken, since many criteria or characteristics of a single person are determined in the face. For example, the person's age, facial expressions, emotions and much more.
  The functionality of the mobile application "Active face phase", when a new user is registered, requests access to the photo gallery and video materials. The user defines himself, or another person, who is displayed on the photo or video materials for further processing. Only the face of the selected person is taken into account in the application's functionality, and its processing is performed with the subsequent provision of the final result. The final result is an artistic or animated display of a person that changes over an appropriate period of time based on available photo and video materials. That is, the application provides its user with a kind of active phase of a person's face in the form of a clip, given earlier format, to which the corresponding team had to perform this innovative procedure. In the given clip, the user will be able to observe the dynamics of changing his or her other person on the basis of the corresponding number of photos and video materials, where the time and place of the photo and video shooting will also be indicated.
  In social networks and messengers this mobile application will be able to more brightly and colorfully show the results of its work, as in these services users have more photos and video materials. That is, the use of this service will be more interesting in conjunction with existing global social networks and instant messengers.
The results of the innovative mobile application "Active face phase" can be sent as a file to any user, since the captured photos and video materials for each user are different and to receive such a file from another user, where your active phase of the face will be interesting enough.
  Moderation platform "Innovator" is confident in the global growth and popularization of this mobile application.
  This idea is open for both investment and full redemption.
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