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27-08-2021, 06:15

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 As usual and makes the administration of the platform "Innovator", when warned about similar projects before, when exhibiting a presentation of an idea, so this time. Moreover, such a project was just published in crowdfeeding platform "Innovator" a bit earlier http://innovator.biz/startup/3155-seriya-mobilnyh-prilozheniy-igrovogo-skanirovaniya-innovator-startap-ladskan.html 
 Of course, this project is different from past ideas. And the principle of building a functional work completely differs from such a project. Then, we start the presentation..!
Mobile app virtual handshakes "Innovator" is a novelty innovation in the issue of virtual communication. The presentation will consist of two parts:
  part No. 1 upon registration in the mobile application, the user necessarily leaves its imprint or fingerprints that would have been generated customized virtual card. Also a new member, not mandatory, can make any of your information. By the way, the advice, make better more of their data, which would quickly increase the circle of communication with the help of this application. So, the user startup virtual handshakes, upon completion of registration, has its own unique virtual card, which is stored in this mobile app as a digital image and has an original visual appearance. How is continued use of this app and this card - two or more registered user, when you meet, include this mobile application, where the first and the Central image of this card. They bring included screens open this app to each other. The application of virtual hands fast enough using the front camera, recognize the card the most users and produces a sound signal. The audio signal corresponds to the product of handshake mobile applications. Group handshake from 3 or more people, produced in the same procedure. Produced virtual handshake information can pass from user to user, different content - how was your day, who spoke, what they ate, what movie you watched, who did you meet, personal SMS from user to user, etc. After the virtual handshake, the user simply included in this app and reads the information provided on your gadget. The transfer of all this information during the setup of this application, you can program and adjust during use. This new form of communication, which can be called virtual pin.
  part number 2 - to quickly increase the circle of registered users downloaded the app any user can use wi-fi zones, with the function of bluetooth with paired devices, using social networks, using geo-location to send out invitations to join the network of virtual handshakes and the future, both virtual and personal acquaintance and fellowship. 
  During the search for everything new and unusual, the author's idea has a high investment status and global prospects for growth and promotion. Of course, the deeper can be opened copyright functionality as potential investors and potential buyers of this idea.
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26-08-2021, 04:17

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 We continue to publish new and innovative wearable devices. This time under smart handling got the usual Smoking pipe. Of course, relatively few people ( smokers ) use of the accessory. But after the filing of an amended Smoking pipe in the side of the smart features, fans will receive a much more ... below will be spelled out. By the way, adhering to the corporate style, the moderators will try in a short presentation to reveal the maximum number of new smart features of this accessory.
 So, first of all, this smart accessory will perform its main function - Smoking. There are no changes. 
 The principal organ of management and control of all smart features is the eponymous mobile application, whose functionality will be to control them. Will be a little changed the appearance of the smart tube, as it added more devices. For example, in the upper part of the mouthpiece, which is one of the structural elements of a pipe, will be installed a video camera that will allow you to do a selfie of a new thematic direction. And on the upper plane of the shank ( this is also the element of the tube ) will touch or miniature mechanical button with multifunctional feature and will be able to make the shot. On sahovnica will also be available and microphone, with which you can make telephone calls. And at the base of the tobacco chamber is a miniature speaker, which will allow you to hear the audio stream. Also there will be connectors for hinged headset. 
 Some design elements you see, the smart tube will be made of led elements. This function will serve as the aesthetic color scheme of this unit, the color of which will change depending on need and using the version of the mobile application. 
 Also, additional features will be the presence of a number of functions that have other wearable smart devices, such as an alarm clock or a miniature flashlight. The presence of the magnetic element will allow to put the device on is not a smooth metal surface.
 Charging is performed in a standard way, or using the new wireless technology. Pair it with a gadget, for the relevant work will be carried out also in a standard way. 
 That is, we have yet another innovative wearable smart device that has a number of features that will be applicable to new users of touch Smoking smart tube "Innovator" by combining standard features with its new smart features.
 This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption. 
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25-08-2021, 05:17

Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 A little later I graduated to access the original idea of smart-sleep "Innovator", but it is related with certain work in the issue of copyright. So below we present the main managing tool that connects to their smart pillow "Innovator" smart mattress "Innovator" and smart bedding "Innovator". A little later will also be introduced in the framework of this project, the idea of creating a smart blanket and smart beds "Innovator".
 We all know that without sleep people can not exist. This exceptional rule is a continuation in quality of sleep. So, a special mobile application system, smart-sleep "Innovator" reunites a control program and control our sleep. We sleep, but the program runs and controls a certain number of questions that have already registered and misplaced your study, from the condition of our hair and ending with on-line diagnostics of the whole organism, starting with babies and ending with the elderly and sick people. This system, like virtual assistant that is following in those moments when human attention is not available - namely, while you sleep! Very convenient mobile app interface will allow to cope with his work any user. It is very important that sleep monitoring can be performed remotely, which increases a huge demand for using a large number of users both in domestic purposes and medical.
 Also, the system is smart is equipped with the innovative sleep technology of wireless charging that lets you charge all of the elements of this system that have this possibility. 
 Further description of the functionality lies in the plane the author-investor-buyer. All well choice!
 The idea is open for investment, and for its full redemption.
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24-08-2021, 06:14

 Personal non-property and property rights for the invention belong to the author and protected under current legislation.
 The idea is to combine the functions of toothpaste, mouthwash and breath freshener to the oral cavity in a single product. But the main functional innovation will be the aerosol product ( spray) that will allow the use of innovative toothpaste with great comfort and without a toothbrush.
 So, aerosol toothpaste is its main structure is nothing different from the ordinary toothpastes. By the way, this presentation is not offered a new toothpaste with its original composition. Offered as a time for innovative patented technology in the manufacture of toothpastes for existing brands. In the spray can is the standard acceptable size fits foamy composition that classification. In this case, toothpaste is in no way different in its composition from ordinary, it is only due to the technology of aerosol spray has a different visual state and composition. Accordingly, changes and methods of its application. The main innovative way of application is its use without toothbrush. The user inserts in the oral cavity, the nozzle for the spray cap and presses the cap spray-toothpaste. The aerosol composition of spray-toothpaste is very simple and pleasantly fills the mouth. Also make it possible to rinse the mouth with this spray that will allow a single action brush, rinse and refresh all of it. Now it is possible to imagine that this innovative teeth cleaning may be applicable and available to a greater number of cases, as its use will be available without a toothbrush and in any health unit without much effort. Injected dental aerosols, popolocas and spat out. Teeth brushed and there was a fresh breath.
 Great convenience will conclude that to use this hygienic product can be in any environment - at home and travelling or outdoors. Different capacity spray cans will be comfortable for use and storage in any conditions. That is, the little spray cans with spray toothpaste can be worn in an ordinary business clutch or small hand-bag. 
 Manufacturers of toothpaste will be quite interesting to use in the manufacture of this technology, as its use will only grow by increasing frequency users of such innovative teeth cleaning.
 Now, we have a revolutionary personal care product that allows you to combine and simplify the cleaning process of the teeth, which in turn will increase the healthy state of the oral cavity.
 This idea is open to investment, and full of redemption.
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23-08-2021, 07:08


   Personal non-property and property rights to the invention belong to the author, and are protected according to the norms of the current legislation.
  The work of the photo editor "Photopoint" is directly related to the GPS data of the place where the photo was taken.
  The innovative photo editor "Photopoint" will be a separate mobile application that can be downloaded and any user can apply it at will. In the description, for example, we will try to disclose the meaning of the work of this startup.
  The user, having chosen the mobile application of the photo editor "Photopoint", has the ability to make photos with this mobile application and make videos. It is no longer the news that the photos taken in any operating system are immediately attached to the place of their removal on the principle of GPS-coordinates. Photo editor "Photopoint" initially does the same.
   Innovative component follows further - the photo or video virtually remains in place of their photographing on the map, which will be part of the functionality of this startup. Users can open their account for free viewing of all their captured photos and video materials with a map using the special function of this photo editor. All these open photo sessions remain on the interactive map "Photopoint". And with a new photo shoot, any other user by sending the lens of his gadget to a place where there were already virtual photo session locations can view all open photo sessions of other users of the innovative photo editor and take advantage of the view of previous photographers, or by combining his new photo with a photo of another user this application. This is based on the principle of the game "Pokemon Go", only here to catch or browse is not the fairy-tale characters, but the real open places where photos or videos were made. Also, those places where there will be open photo sessions of other users will be accompanied by a sound signal. That is, in the active mode this application will notify its user about those places where there were photo sessions of other users and they are open. And if it is easier to describe, now it is possible or it will be necessary to "catch" photos and video materials of other users with the help of binding to the terrain.
  This is a small description of the functionality of the innovative photo editor "Photopoint". All other comments and a more accurate description of the structure of the startup and its content can be found directly with its developer, using the contact information that is placed on the platform "Innovator".
  This idea is open for both investment and full redemption.
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